A group of engineers from Ballary design emergency ventilators

Arun Kothinti from Ballari has been working to develop ventilators which can only be used in the emergency condition when professional ventilators are not available. Arun Kothunti, working as a software engineer at a private company in Bangalore came to Ballari before lockdown and started working on the project with his friends Padmabhushan and Madhukumar.

The group says that they started working on the project since the lockdown period started in India and that they are looking forward to providing a technical solution to the current problem that is India is facing due to COVID 19.

-Arun Kothinti

“We found there is less number of ventilators in India. We also learnt that people with COVID 19 will suffer from severe respiratory distress, so we decided to develop a low-cost ventilator with high specifications that might lead to mass production later.
We developed the first version of ventilator called “Ventilcare” we are yet to develop the final version of the device as it needs higher technical assistance and funding from the government. These ventilators can only be used in the emergency condition when professional ventilators are not available. -Arun Kothinti

The Ventilator has been practically manufactured using various tools including Ambu Bag, BVM Device, Micro Controller and Johnson Motor. The aims to further develop a state-of-the-art ventilator. The current ventilator costs around Rs 4-6 lakh.

Whereas the team says that the ventilators designed by them would costs just around Rs 30 to 40 thousand.

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