A fight against drug abuse

Green Hosapete organization honored the police officials for arresting Marijuana peddler in and around Hospet city. Sunil Gowda, Vinay Kumar, Vishwa, Ganesh, Prashanth, Abhishek, Teju Kumar, and others were present to honor the police officials.

Inspector Narayana of TB Dam Police Station, PSI Rajput, Badavane Police Station PSI Jadiyappa and SI Muniratnam and all the police staff were honored by the Green Hosapete team and Mr. Raghavendra thanked the team.

“We thank the police officials for getting into the roots of the crime and arresting the people involved in peddling of drugs in and around the city. The youth is being affected by these drugs, students start experimenting and end up dropping out of school and college. I and my team appreciate the police for being vigilant and taking action against such activities. We have to fight against drug abuse for good.” Said Sunil Gowda.

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