Youth Attacked by Son of Former Ballari Mayor Dies in Bengaluru

In a tragic turn of events in Bengaluru, Thippeswamy, a young man, passed away on 5th March after being attacked by the son of a former Ballari mayor

Thippeswamy suffered severe head injuries inflicted by Raghu, the son of ex-Ballari Congress mayor Nagamma, using a wooden object. The assault, occurring amidst Raghu’s birthday celebration in Hussain Nagar, escalated when Thippeswamy requested passage through their revelry. This simple request led to a violent altercation, resulting in Thippeswamy’s grievous injuries and subsequent demise.

Following the incident, law enforcement swiftly acted, apprehending seven individuals, including Raghu, after filing an FIR at the Gandhi Nagar police station.

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