Yet another damage to the walls of Heritage

A stone wall near the Shiva temple at Hampi was damaged on Saturday. The incident occurred when Heavy Vehicles were operating to dig the ground and get soil for road construction. The area comes under a protected zone. However, the soil was dug and transported in tippers.

Vijayanagara smaraka sanskrrti sanraksana sene President Vishwanath Malagi said. “Only a week ago, a fortress wall near the Kamal Mahal collapsed. There is no lesson to be learned from it though. The Shiva Temple is surrounded by a fortress wall and massive boulders. The attic wall has been damaged. The Shiva temple will be damaged if stones fall. The Archaeological Department should immediately cease operations.”

When Prajawani reporters contacted Kalimuthu, the Deputy Superintendent of the Hampi Circle of the Indian Archaeological Survey Department, he said, “They are taking mud for road construction. It does not threaten any monument.”

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