Villages take steps to control the spread of covid

As the COVID-19 infection has managed to enter the villages and has become difficult to trace the contact trails of the ones infected, the Nagenahalli gram panchayat in the Vijayanagara district has emerged to be a model for a number of villages in terms of tackling the infection effectively.

Vijayanagara district’s Nagenahalli Gram Panchayat’s officials, staffs, and members have been taking note-worthy measures in order to contain the virus and have formed checkpoints in all four directions while entering and leaving the villages.

Many of the rural areas have been neglecting the relevant measures to be taken to reduce the number of infections, this particular gram panchayat has emerged as a role model, every village shall look up to.

The unwanted movement of people from and to the villages is not being allowed. With the use of checkpoints at all four directions of the villages, each and every person and vehicles are being monitored continuously.

3 Villages, Benakapura, Kaddirampur, and Basavanadurga coming under Nagenhalli gram panchayat jurisdiction have all installed the checkpoints. the staff deployed have been working 24 hours in 3-hour shift every day.

The gram panchayat officials and PDO members arriving in the city are thermally screened before entering the village. The villagers are all cooperating with the administrative measures being taken.

“We are spreading awareness among the villagers regarding the importance of wearing masks, and social distancing by visiting houses in the villages, the movement of people for unwanted reasons shall be avoided and requested the public to stay home as much as they can”, said Gram Panchayat Chairperson Huligemma

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