Villagers from Ballari district fear losing masculinity with Covid Vaccine

Fears related to injecting vaccines continue to prevail among the villagers in the Ballari District. Villagers from Kureguppa, Sandur Taluk debated with the health staff regarding vaccines saying “Masculinity will be lost if we men take vaccines”.

The health staff has continuously been trying to spread social awareness among the villagers across the district and indulged themselves in a slight debate where the villagers urged them to not call for vaccination as they admitted that they are ready rather than being vaccinated.

The villagers said that they weren’t ready to develop fever, body pain and lose strengths from their body parts and requested the staff to not come force to get vaccinated.

Superstition, misinformation and vaccine hesitancy are not limited to villages in the Ballari district. Experts say the trend is prevalent in many parts of rural India.

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