Up in Smoke: 63 kgs of ganja seized and burned

Law enforcement in Bellary district seized ganja valued at Rs. 54,56,770, totaling 63 kg 965 g, under the NDPS Act. The Drug Disposal Committee disposed of the ganja through controlled burning, reinforcing the commitment to combat the illicit drug trade and ensuring public safety.

Following due legal process, overseen by a court and the Drug Disposal Committee, the seized ganja has been efficiently disposed of. Utilizing established protocols, the ganja was subjected to controlled burning, effectively removing it from circulation and preventing any potential harm to the community.

This decisive action underscores the unwavering commitment of authorities to combat the illicit drug trade and uphold public safety. By swiftly neutralizing such large quantities of illegal substances, law enforcement agencies are sending a clear message that criminal activities will not be tolerated, and perpetrators will be brought to justice.

Furthermore, this successful operation serves as a deterrent to individuals involved in narcotics trafficking, reaffirming the resolve of law enforcement to protect communities from the harmful effects of drug abuse. It also highlights the collaborative efforts of various agencies in tackling the complex challenges posed by organized crime and substance abuse.

The disposal of the seized ganja marks a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to maintain law and order and ensure the well-being of residents in Bellary district. It is a testament to the effectiveness of proactive law enforcement strategies and the dedication of personnel working tirelessly to uphold justice and security in the region.

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