‘Tungabhadra Pushkaralu’ In Hampi Stands Cancelled

The district administration on Thursday denied granting permission for the ‘Tungabhadra River Pushkara Mahotsava’, which was scheduled to be held in Hampi from November 20 to December 1.

“The COVID-19 cases have constantly been declining in the district, while the spread of this virus can ramp up even further if a huge congregation takes place. So, this decision has been taken to avoid the risk and considering the fact that this is not in favour and interest of the public”, says District Collector S.S Nakul.

Tungabhadra Pushkaralu is observed once in 12 years. The glory of river Tungabhadra is envisaged, that flows through the ruins of Hampi, administered by Hosapete Taluk of Ballari district. The tribute is paid to the Holy River that purifies and nourishes life on this planet.

This Pushkaram was expected to be observed for a period of 12 days from the time of the entry of Jupiter into Makara Rasi (Capricorn).

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