Students lead anti-drug awareness march in Hospet, urging society to stay away from drugs

Emphasizing the detrimental impact of drug addiction on health in Hospet, District Collector M.S. Diwakara urged the youth to steer clear of this menace. He highlighted the need for students to actively spread awareness and dissuade people from engaging in drug consumption.

On the occasion of Anti-Narcotics Day, Puneeth Rajkumar from the District Police Department inaugurated an awareness walk marathon at Vritta and delivered a speech.

The event aims to globally raise awareness about the grave consequences of drug abuse, leading to both physical and mental diseases and adversely affecting families and society. Diwakara emphasized that many individuals learn to use drugs from their peers, underscoring the importance of initiatives like this program.

SP BL Sriharibabu shared ongoing legal efforts to combat narcotics, urging citizens to utilize the helpline 112 to report drug-related activities. He emphasized the collective responsibility of every citizen to contribute to a world free from drugs, with particular emphasis on the crucial role of students in curbing this societal menace.

A procession of thousands of students, carrying awareness boards against drugs, marched from Puneeth Rajkumar Vritti to the District Stadium, passing through Modern Circle, Punyamurthy Circle, Gandhichowk, Madakarivritta, Valmiki Circle, Markandeya Temple, and the 100 Bed Hospital.

Notable participants in the Jana Jagruti Walk Marathon on Anti-Drug Day included Vijayanagar ASP Salimpasha, RTO Vasanth Chauhan, DySP Manjunath Talwar, PIs Balanagowda, Vishwanath Hiregoudar, Srinivas Meti, Deepak Boosareddy, RPI Sasikumar, PSIs S.P. Naik, Shobha, Muniratna, Kesavamurthy, among others.

Thousands of students actively engaged in the event, underscoring their commitment to raising awareness and combating drug abuse at Puneeth Rajkumar Circle, Hospet.

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