Siddaramaiah embraces cultural essence of Hampi Utsav against challenges like drought

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, despite the prevailing drought conditions in the state, stressed the importance of continuing cultural festivals like Hampi Utsav. He expressed his belief that such events play a crucial role in promoting and preserving traditions while providing a platform to encourage local artists. The Chief Minister shared these thoughts with the press before attending the three-day Hampi Utsav in Hosapete taluk of Vijayanagara district.

Addressing concerns about Karnataka’s representation in the Union budget, Siddaramaiah announced his participation in a protest scheduled for February 7 in New Delhi. The demonstration aims to highlight the perceived injustice towards Karnataka in the budget allocation and express dissatisfaction over the delayed release of drought relief funds. The Chief Minister criticized the Union budget for not allocating funds to the state and highlighted the lack of response to their request for drought relief under NDRF.

Siddaramaiah expressed disappointment in Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, emphasizing her failure to fulfill promises made in the interim report of the 15th Finance Commission. He specifically mentioned the absence of a special grant of ₹5,495 crore and the non-provision of ₹6,000 crore for waterbody improvement in Bengaluru and peripheral ring roads, as outlined in the final report (2021-2026) of the 15th Finance Commission. 

The Chief Minister also criticized the BJP for prioritizing divisive issues over crucial matters like poverty, farmers, and unemployment. Despite challenges such as drought, Siddaramaiah underlined the significance of celebrating festivals for the people and artists, using the Hampi Utsav as an example of a cultural event that transcends obstacles and promotes a spirit of celebration.

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