Rs 480 crore for development at Hampi

A grant of Rs 480 crore was released by the Government for the comprehensive development of the Hampi World Heritage Site, Infrastructure Development Minister Anand Singh said.

The development of Bhima Gate to Sri Virupakshaswara at a staggering 25 Crore will be done steps will be taken for the comprehensive regeneration of Hampi monuments.

Minister Anand Singh was speaking at a ceremony of the Purandara worship festival held by the District and Department of Kannada and Culture at the premises of Sri Virupakshaswara Temple in Hampi.

“Research should be conducted on Hampi, only about 10 percent has been excavated 90 percent of the excavation is yet to happen. Hampi is the model for the whole world. Thus must be saved for the next generation.” Minister Anand Singh said

For the first time in Hampi, the Purandara Dasa festival was celebrated at Purandaradasa Mantapa. Thus the people of the western taluks and the whole of Karnataka are proud.

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