Rainwater harvesting Project in Hosapete stays confined to paper

The state government has strictly directed the Municipal Corporation, and Municipalities to implement and follow the Rainwater Harvesting policy. Even with such stringent orders, the project has not been implemented effectively.

May that be in Ballari Municipal Corporation or Hosapete Municipality, or in any taluk of the Ballari-Vijayanagara districts, no measures have been taken to implement and execute rainwater harvesting project. In only a number of Government offices, due to the willpower of the officers, rainwater harvesting has been taking place. In other offices, the implementation is nill.

It is mandatory to allocate space for rainwater harvesting while building a house. If a building has an area of 30*40, it is compulsory to show the space allocated for rainwater harvesting on papers. The relevant administration has to take stringent measures to approve the construction of the building only if the design carries a rainwater harvesting mechanism plan.

No administration however has been following the protocols, the buildings get approved without the rainwater harvesting plan included in the building architecture.

“Under the 15th Finance Commission plan, Rainwater Harvesting units shall be set up in Municipality enclosure, Taluk office grounds, and Municipal High School ground. Units worth Rs 18 Lakhs will be set up in further days. The tender process shall begin in 15 days”, said Hosapete Municipality Assistant Engineer Khazi sab.

There are various projects and terms in which the newly formed district Vijayanagara and Ballari district are lagging. Rainwater implementation will increase the water seepage into the ground each year.

The government has made it mandatory to build a rainwater harvesting unit in every new building, the people tend to ignore it, which can be overcome by coming together and taking the responsibility of implementing rainwater harvesting unit from the ground level.

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