Protest in the district condemning hike in fuel prices

The continuous increase in the prices of Petrol and Diesel has resulted in discontent among people and various activists. CPI activists staged a symbolic protest in Hosapete and Kurugod shouting slogans against state and central government.

The Petrol price in the district has crossed Rs 100 mark. CPI party secretary R Bhaskar Reddy said, “It is an anti-people policy to raise the prices of Petrol and DIesel during the tough times of Covid. People are showing discontent over this policy of the state and central government. If the lockdown was not in existence, the people would’ve taken the matters to the street”.

Leader A Karunanidhi said, “If the tariffs on the oil products is reduced, the prices would drop relatively. In the upcoming days, the prices of vegetables, fruits and groceries shall see new heights. The government does not have the willpower to do it. The masses are bound to suffer”.

An increase in fuel prices during the pandemic is an unbearable burden on the farmers which needs to be brought under control immediately.

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