OLX Frauds at Hospet and Ballari

The number of cases of OLX fraud in the city has seen a rise in the past few days. In most cases, it was found that fraudsters post pictures of people in military uniform on the platform, claiming that they wanted to sell used vehicles, electronic goods, furniture and other expensive items. The fraudsters pretended to be Army officials to gain buyers trust.

Sometimes the fraudsters even convince people that they want to buy a product posted by random users and Instead of sending money to the users, the fraudsters will request money from the users UPI.

It is important that the buyer verifies the product posted in OLX portal physically, before transferring any amount to the seller. In most cases, the accused persons showed fake ID cards to procure payment even before buyers received the items.

How to stay safe
It is the responsibility of buyers to be cautious during such transactions. Visit the seller personally to check documents, its authenticity and also make sure the seller is genuine. It is only after this that money will even exchange hands.

You should not pay the money till you receive the product in your hand. If it is a local seller, go see the product in person. If it is a vehicle, make them bring it to a public place for your own safety.

Never make any advance payments. Pay only when you have received and examined the product in hand.

Be aware when giving or receiving any identification cards especially from individuals pretending to be armed forces personnel as it could be fake.

You can choose not to share your number publicly on the OLX app by hiding your number in the privacy section while posting an ad.

When accepting payments via UPI apps and digital wallets ensure that it’s a credit request to deposit money into your account and not a request to debit money from your account. If the UPI request asks you to input your pin, then refrain from doing so and report the account immediately to OLX.

Never click on any suspicious links from unknown third parties soliciting payments.

If you have experienced fraud, please follow these steps:

  • Without delay, file a complaint with the relevant legal authorities. You can reach out to local cyber cell or file an FIR at the police station
  • Report the scammer or the ad to on the App or Web or write to OLX at safety@olx.in or call OLX at 9999140999. OLX will investigate it straight away.
  • Please keep all relevant information handy to support your case i.e. payment proofs, chat history, call recordings, etc.
  • Always meet buyers and sellers in a public place situated in a well-lit area.
  • Keep your interactions with the buyer and seller on the app instead of Whatsapp or any other chat platforms.

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