Nirbhaya Scheme Bike Distribution to Police Stations

District Police Superintendent Saidulu Adavath distributed a total of 39 bikes allocated to the Bellary district by the Nirbhaya Fund of the Central Government in Bellary district on Saturday, to respond to the problems of women and children and their grievances.

Additional District Superintendent of Police Lavanya B N said the 30-member Durga team was created last year to address the issues of women and children based in Bellary and Hospet and will be expanded in all talks in the near future.
Nirbhaya vehicles will be mostly used for help related to women and children.

Lavanya B N Tweeted
“Introducing the motorbikes allotted under Nirbhaya scheme to all the 39 police stations of the Ballari district for the safety of women and children . A step towards a safer society ..”

The police later also raised awareness of traffic laws and mandatory helmets across the city on the new bikes.

“Our officers and staff will be facilitated to respond immediately to issues of women and children in the district police stations, the government has been providing various facilities including the Nirbhaya Fund and strengthening of the stations.” Said District Police Superintendent Saidulu Adavath.

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