Mysuru To Ballari – labourers walk 446 Kilometers On Foot

Following the 21-day lockdown, over 50 casual labourers from Ballari have started leaving Mysuru district on foot. These people were working as security guards, daily wage labourers, and construction workers and were involved in other menial jobs since the past three to four months ago in the district.

The lockdown, which was imposed all around the country, has resulted in the exodus of these migrant workers from Ballari, who have been left without a job or money. It is reported that some of these daily labourers are from T.S. Kudluru of Shiraguppa taluk in Ballari district.

Since the past week, they were somehow managing their daily lives with a little money they had. Now, following lockdown, most of the hotels, fast food restaurants and other shops are closed and as a result, these daily labourers were struggling to earn and make a living out of the little money they had.

As a result, these people have started travelling back to their native village on foot from Dadadahalli village located in the outskirts of Mysuru city. They have to walk over 446 kilometres to reach T.S. Kudluru of Shiraguppa taluk. All they could afford now is just a little breakfast in the morning without a lunch and a cup of tea and a banana in the evening.

Ramesh, who is working as a driver, said

“My family is very much concerned about my safety. Even I am worried about them. As we have no jobs here and not earning, we think it is better we travel back to our native villages. As there is no transportation available, we have started travelling on foot back home.”

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