MIS-C cases reported in 29 children from Ballari & Vijayanagara districts

29 cases of Multisystem Inflammatory syndrome in Childrren (MIS-C) condition associated with Covid-19 has been detected in Ballari and Vijayanagara districts.

One patient, a year-old baby, passed away, and this is thought to be the first such case in the state. Out of the 29 children, who were detected with MIS-C, 25 of them have been discharged. while three have been admitted to the Vijayanagar Institute of Medical Sciences (VIMS) in Ballari. All are aged below 14 years.

Dr Durgappa H of the VIMS paediatrics department said that MIS-C was a novel syndrome seen in children following recovery from the SARS-CoV-2 infection.

“It usually occurs four to six weeks after the coronavirus infection and is likely an immune-mediated hyper-inflammation syndrome. Fever, red eyes with no discharge, rashes, acute onset of cervical lymphadenopathy, severe abdomen pain, sudden headache and change in behaviour are among the symptoms of MISC,” Dr Durgappa said.

According to Ballari district health officer Dr HL Janardhan, MIS-C predominantly develops in children with a history of Covid-19. Parents are concerned ahead of a potential third wave of the pandemic. But Dr Janardhan sought to allay the fears, saying the condition can be tackled with timely hospital treatment. “There is no need for parents to panic. But one must take precautions,” he said.

He added that early diagnosis and initiation of treatment were crucial. All children with MIS-C should be under close follow-up for the first few months. “Severe cases require administration of intravenous immunoglobulin, which has shown results,” he said.

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