Minister Anand Singh: I am ready to give Ballari charge to Sriramulu

In response to Ballari MLA G. Somashekhar Reddy, who had recently asked Chief Minister B.S. Yediyurappa to replace B.S. Anand Singh, Minister of Infrastructure Development & Wakf, with B. Sriramulu, Minister of Social Welfare, in charge of the Ballari district, Mr. Singh expressed his readiness to leave his spot for Mr. Sriramulu.

B. Sriramulu

“If Mr. Reddy wants to replace me as the minister in charge of Ballari with Mr. Sriramulu, I’m ready. I will wholeheartedly accept the appointment of Mr. Sriramulu as Ballari’s Minister in Charge. I am very particular about the fact that either Mr. Sriramulu or I am the Minister in charge. I’m not going to consider a third party for that job. If someone from outside is chosen who doesn’t know about Ballari, progress would be hindered. If someone, other than Mr. Sriramulu, wants to replace me, I will meet with the Chief Minister and ask him to let me stay in the post,” Mr. Singh told media representatives in Ballari on Tuesday.

Mr. Singh said that only ministers were qualified for the post and Mr. Reddy was not a minister when asked if he would consider Mr. Reddy for the post. “If Mr. Reddy is inducted into the Council of Ministers by the Chief Minister and then hands over the responsible Ballari, I have no problem,” he said.

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