Let's work together

We are looking for skilled and enthusiastic individuals who can add value to the community.

We are looking for

Content Writers: Strong writing skills, research & fact-checking abilities.

Influencers: Authentic, reliable content creation & and curation.

Models (Male & Female): Posing, expression skills, confidence in front of the camera.

Photo/Videographers: Creative visual storytelling, editing & post-production skills.

Graphic Designers: Strong visual communication, attention to detail and typography, ability to follow & extend brand guidelines.

Voice-over Artists: Clear and expressive vocal delivery, ability to convey emotions through voice, pronunciation and enunciation skills.

Meme Creators: Humor and wit, Knowledge of current trends in Hospet area.

Media Buyers: Market research and analysis, negotiation and communication skills.

Video Host: Strong on-camera presence, ability to engage and connect with viewers, comfort with both scripted and unscripted content.

Guest Bloggers: Understanding of target audience and relevance, strong writing and communication skills.

Public Relations Manager: Networking and relationship-building abilities, communication and interpersonal skills.

Lead Generators: Goal-oriented mindset for conversion optimization, effective communication and persuasion.

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