Lamborghini India celebrates ‘Lamborghini day 2021’ at Hospet

Lamborghini India sets up Lamborghini day 2021 celebration schedules in Bengaluru, Mumbai and Delhi. There were over 19 Lamborghinis that travelled to Hosapete from Bengaluru and had an enthralling celebration at Evolve back, Kamlapur. The event was inaugurated by the Minister and MLA of Hosapete Anand Singh in Bengaluru.

Pics by: IG: ravigouda_007, IG: anirudh_911

Social Media was flooded with videos of the luxurious Lamborghini cars parading through the Hosapete tunnel and marching towards ‘Evolve Back’, a Hotel in Kamlapur, near Hampi.

The people from Hosapete couldn’t get enough of the striking, conspicuous, and dazzling variants of Lamborghini cars. The vrooming sounds of the Lamborghini engines put the locals and car enthusiasts lose a breath.

The awe-striking engine sound experience of Lamborghini was the only interesting and astounding thing in Hosapete. The discussions regarding the same event are still an interesting topic.

The evening at ‘Evolve Back’ Hotel was one striking and alluring celebration. The evening was glaring with lights, music, and happiness on all the faces.
Sharad Agarwal, the head of Lamborghini India took part in the entire celebration and also addressed the gathering speaking of the success of Lamborghini India.

The night at ‘Evolve Back’, surely conveyed that, Lamborghini knew how to throw a glamorous party. On Sunday afternoon. the Lamborghinis drove back to Bengaluru as the brand plans to celebrate Lamborghini day 2021 in three different places – Bengaluru Mumbai, and Delhi.

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