Koppal MLA’s Son celebrates his birthday in Hosapete, Draws criticism

A video of a Karnataka MLA’s son ‘cutting’ birthday cakes using an iPhone has raised eyebrows across the state and has gone viral. In the video, which appears to be taken from Instagram stories, Suresh, son of Kanakagiri (Koppal) MLA Basavaraj Dadesugur, can be seen gliding an iPhone across the icing on several cakes as his friends cheer him.

One row of green cakes even spells his name, where there is one cake for each letter in ‘Suresh’. The video of the MLA’s son flashing his wealth at a time of economic slowdown due to the pandemic has attracted criticism from the opposition.

According to media reports, the birthday bash had taken place in Hosapete in neighbouring Ballari district where he had taken his friends or cousins in his luxury BMW car. Other videos, taken from Instagram stories, show him driving another high-end Audi car to Ballari and having meals at a restaurant.

MLA was spotted supporting his son. MLA saw nothing wrong with his son’s actions and it was Suresh just celebrating his birthday with his “hard-earned” money. He also attempted to justify using an iPhone to cut the cakes saying Suresh might have done so instead of using a knife as the pandemic is still not over.

He had crowdsourced his election funding from the residents of his constituency citing a lack of funds. But soon after winning this election in 2018, he has bought more than three luxury cars.

In one of the incidents, actor Vijay Sethupathi apologised on January 21 for cutting a cake using a sword as he celebrated his 43rd birthday. He said that in future he would be watchful of his actions so that he does not set a bad example.

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