JSW builds roads around Kudithini village in one night

People at Kudithini village restricted vehicle moment from JSW in the fear of COVID-19, Thus Jindal built a bypass road around Kudithini village in one night for its employees.

JSW says: we have decided that instead of incurring outrage by the locals, we have to find our own alternatives. So we have decided to build our own road connecting the Kudithini Bypass.

The fear of the Coronavirus spread in JSW has to lead the people at Kudithini village to stop JSW vehicles from entering the village. They have also been taking various precautions such as marketing opening time of 6 AM to 11 AM.

The road was leased by Gammon India Company. JSW with the cooperation of the staff of Gammon India has decided to build a one-and-a-half kilometre road and connect it to Jindal. Jindal has undertaken road construction overnight fearing that there could have been opposition from the locals.

Gammon India Limited is one of the largest civil engineering construction companies in India

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