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Janardhan Reddy announced his wife as a candidate for Bellary Constituency

Janardhan Reddy

Janardhan Reddy announced that his wife Aruna Lakshmi will be a candidate for the Bellary Constituency. As a candidate for the Kalyana Rajya Pragati Party, his wife is challenging Janardhan Reddy’s brother Somasekhar Reddy. Janardhan Reddy inaugurated the Kalyan Rath Yatra.

He spoke about the development of Anjanadri hills, “I have created a plan with a budget of 5,000 crores. I want everyone in the world to see us. I will construct a 200-bed super specialty hospital. I’ll develop Gangavati and make it free from slum areas.” He claimed that supporters of his party are coming from 10 to 15 districts.

Janardhan Reddy

Janardhan Reddy said

“I will make ministers and MLAs come to your street.”
I’m empowered by your strength. You are not required to travel to Bangalore for work. Give me authority. I will make ministers and MLAs come to your street. I’ll bring the authorities to your door. I believe that I have won after seeing all of your love and trust. You all accept the responsibility to make me win. I’ll accept the responsibility of winning 30–40 MLAs. Then all of our work will be finished, he claimed.

They’re threatening to seize my belongings. Don’t worry about me. Nobody is interested. I feel so bad. I’ve given them all the same respect. Don’t bother, let anyone say anything they want. I was determined. The words for which this Reddy dedicated his life are not missed. He gave me the assurance that I would achieve my objective soon.

The Kalyan Rajya Pragati Party has only existed for one month. All the parties in the state had fallen asleep after a month. I’ve spent the last twelve years in exile. Some people are aware that the party has fallen away. KRPP is not required to exact revenge on anyone.

I was raised in a family of regular police officers. By the mercy of Mother Lakshmi, I am wealthy. He frequently discussed getting a helicopter. To save time, I purchased a helicopter. The children were never taken by helicopter after my arrest. He remarked I am well aware that poverty is nothing.

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