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Janardhan Reddy Accused of Using BJP for Unlawful Enrichment “he is the real coward not us” says Somashekhar Reddy

Janardhan Reddy

G. Somashekhar Reddy, a prominent BJP leader and former MLA of Ballari City, has responded strongly to his brother G. Janardhan Reddy, who is currently serving as the MLA of Gangavati. Somashekhar Reddy referred to his brother as a true coward, accusing him of manipulating the BJP to fulfill his personal agenda. This exchange between the siblings arose amidst Janardhan Reddy‘s claim that he would have emerged victorious in the Assembly elections by a margin of 7,000 votes if there hadn’t been a candidate from the KRPP party.

During a press conference held in Ballari, G. Somashekhar Reddy, the BJP leader and former MLA, vehemently defended himself and his party against accusations of cowardice. Refuting claims made by his brother, G. Janardhan Reddy, Somashekhar Reddy declared that it was actually Janardhan Reddy who exploited the BJP and engaged in illegal activities to amass wealth.

He further emphasized that this fact was widely known and acknowledged. This press conference marked Somashekhar Reddy’s first public appearance since his defeat in the Assembly elections against Congress candidate Na. Ra. Bharath Reddy.

The journalists present at the conference brought up Janardhan Reddy’s reported comments, in which he allegedly belittled his opponents, referring to them as cowards confined to their homes while he enjoyed a position in the Legislative Assembly.

Addressing his brother’s character, G. Somashekhar Reddy highlighted that from a young age, Janardhan Reddy had cultivated a sense of superiority, desiring others to be subservient to him and comply with his commands. Somashekhar Reddy further criticized Janardhan Reddy’s tendency to suppress those who didn’t conform to his wishes, emphasizing that this behavior was widely recognized. He also asserted that the world was well aware of Janardhan Reddy’s accumulation of illicit wealth through the exploitation of his political affiliation.

Reflecting on his own electoral defeat in Ballari, Somashekhar Reddy expressed his belief that he would have secured victory by approximately seven thousand votes had there been no candidate from Janardhan Reddy’s newly formed party, KRPP (Kalyana Rajya Pragati Paksha), competing in the election.

G. Somashekhar Reddy claimed that if the votes garnered by the BJP and KRPP were combined, they would have surpassed the number of votes secured by the winning Congress candidate in the election. Somashekhar Reddy lamented that the presence of a KRPP candidate in the race prevented his victory, estimating that he would have emerged triumphant by a margin of approximately 7,000 votes.

He expressed disappointment in his own family members, attributing his defeat to their actions. Somashekhar Reddy further mentioned how in previous elections, Janardhan Reddy had orchestrated the involvement of Congress leaders to ensure the victory of G. Karunakar Reddy, and in this particular election, Janardhan Reddy brought in leaders from both the Congress and the BJP to work for his newly formed KRPP party.

When questioned about his future plans, Somashekhar Reddy affirmed his commitment to the party and stated that he would not passively stay at home. He emphasized his determination to contribute to party-building efforts. Somashekhar Reddy concluded by asserting that even in the event of his demise, he had made it clear that his body should be wrapped in the BJP flag and cremated, symbolizing his unwavering allegiance to the party.

Y. Devendrappa, a BJP leader and Lok Sabha member representing Ballari, asserted that the Congress party managed to defeat the BJP in the Assembly elections solely due to its five guarantees. Devendrappa contended that the BJP’s loss was not a result of internal divisions among its leaders but rather due to the strong campaign led by the Congress, centered around these guarantees.

Despite winning the elections based on these promises, Devendrappa accused the Congress government of hesitating to fulfill its commitments. He warned that if the guarantees were not promptly implemented, the BJP would initiate a fight against the government.

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