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IT raids Ballari industrialist properties. Sriramulu denies any links with business


Businessman Kailash Vyasa’s Ballari office was raided two days ago by officials from the Ministry of Transport. B Sriramulu denied any link to business.

According to social activists, Kailash Vyasa is known to be friendly with Sriramulu and Suresh Babu, a former Kampli MLA. On January 13, IT officials searched Vyasa’s workplaces and are currently reviewing his paperwork.


Sriramulu said, “I am not connected to the IT raids conducted in Ballari. I am a legitimate shareholder in my wife’s company.”

“Since I consistently submit IT returns, no Ballari IT raids should be connected to me”. He added

Authorities think there are connections between several lawmakers. According to reports, Congressman Anil Lad, Sriramulu, and Babu are all shareholders in the business.

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