Is Vande Bharat Express Coming to Bellary? Excitement Grows in the Mining District

Vande Bharat
Vande Bharat

Bellary district’s significant revenue contribution to the railway department is expected to receive a substantial boost with the introduction of the Vande Bharat Express train. The new train service is poised to bring notable benefits to businessmen, employees, and laborers commuting between the district and major cities like Bangalore and neighboring Andhra Pradesh. Moreover, this development is anticipated to bolster trade growth and attract both domestic and international tourists, fostering further economic strength in the region.

Amid high expectations, the Central Government’s ambitious ‘Vande Bharat Express Train’ is anticipated to soon operate in the thriving Bellary district, renowned for its vibrant tourism, steel city, and flourishing industries.

Beyond its prominence in mining and politics, Akhanda Bellary district has also gained nationwide attention for its significant business dealings. Recently, the ‘Vande Bharat Express’ train was introduced in Hubli, marking a momentous occasion for the state. However, the absence of this train service in Akhanda Bellary district has left industrialists, as well as national and international tourists, disheartened with the situation.

Why does Bellary need Vande Bharat?

The need for Vande Bharat Express becomes evident as thousands of tourists, both domestic and international, flock to witness the world-famous monuments of Hampi and explore the attractions of Bellary Fort, Sandur, and other scenic spots in the region. While Akhand district boasts existing transport options like road, railway, and air travel for tourism, the locals strongly advocate that the introduction of Vande Bharat Express would further enhance accessibility to these tourist destinations, allowing a larger number of passengers to experience the beauty of this region.

The South Western Railway Zone has been witnessing remarkable revenue contributions from Bellary and Hospet railway stations in Vijayanagar district. However, the absence of Vande Bharat Express train services in the first phase, especially for Bellary district, the last station under this zone, has sparked frustration among many individuals.

The district has witnessed the establishment of various industries, such as steel factories, iron, paint, sponge iron, and mining, providing employment opportunities to hundreds of workers from across the country. The Bellary jeans industry has garnered recognition both nationally and internationally. Introducing the Vande Bharat Express train service in the district is expected to prove advantageous for businessmen, employees, and laborers, facilitating seamless travel to the state capital Bangalore, neighboring Andhra, and other major cities. This development is projected to further bolster business transactions and contribute to the district’s economic growth.

Bellary MP Y. Devendrappa has urged the Minister of Railways for the inclusion of Vande Bharat Express train services through Bellary and Vijayanagar districts. He expressed his optimism that the Vande Bharat train will soon be operational in the district.

As a testament to the importance of this initiative, 20 petition letters have been submitted to the Prime Minister, Railway Minister, Department, and Parliament, urging them to expedite the launch of the Vande Bharat Express train on the Bellary route. The revenue contribution of Akhanda Bellary district, amounting to thousands of crores of rupees to the railway department, highlights the significance of this railway connection.

K. M. Maheswara Swamy, President of Bellary Karnataka State Railway Action Committee, believes that the introduction of the Vande Bharat Express train will significantly benefit tourists from all corners of the country.

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