Hospet’s Tungabhadra reservoir emerges as the top picnic spot in Uttar Karnataka!

The Tungabhadra Dam, once empty just a month ago, has now reached its full capacity. This transformation has attracted a significant influx of tourists who are eagerly savoring the reservoir’s breathtaking beauty. With the continuous increase in inflow into the Tungabhadra Reservoir near Munirabad, which serves as a lifeline for farmers in Central and North Karnataka, visitors are flocking to the dam to witness the mesmerizing spectacle of the water in all its splendor.

Within a short span of just a month, the Tungabhadra reservoir has made a remarkable transformation from being drained to filling up with water. The picturesque sight of the dam, surrounded by lush greenery, is drawing in a multitude of tourists. The place has become a hub for leisure and relaxation, with friends and families flocking to revel in its beauty.

The atmosphere is filled with joy and excitement as visitors engage in various entertaining activities. Families prepare delicious dishes at home and relish them amidst the serene garden in front of the dam. With a perfect blend of camaraderie, children accompanied by their parents, as well as school and college students, are delighting in a memorable weekend getaway at this charming destination.

The allure of the Tungabhadra reservoir extends beyond state borders, captivating tourists from neighboring Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra, and other North Indian states. Moreover, the region’s historical gems like Hampi, Anjanadri, Kishkinda, Anegondi, and Pampa Sarovar, which lie in close proximity, naturally draw the attention of international visitors who come to explore and study these remarkable heritage sites.

As of July 31, at 9 am, the Tungabhadra reservoir witnessed an inflow of 38,024 cusecs of water, with 984 cusecs to Baladande HLC, 989 cusecs to Baladande LLC, and 69 cusecs to Rayabasavan Canal. The water is yet to leave the left bank, and currently, the dam holds an impressive 76.191 tmc water, attracting tourists seeking respite amid the heavy rains.

The sight is a refreshing one, with the Tungabhadra reservoir stretching as far as the eye can see, surrounded by lush green hills. The continuous rains over the past two weeks have bestowed abundant greenery upon the plants and trees, creating a serene and picturesque environment for all to enjoy.

Tourists at the popular destination can be seen capturing joyful moments through various poses, enjoying quality time with their loved ones. While taking selfies at attractive locations is common, it is crucial for visitors to exercise sensitivity and self-control near reservoirs to avoid any reckless incidents that could endanger their lives.

The sight of the Tungabhadra Reservoir filling up brings immense delight, and many tourists, like Venkatesh from Gangavati, return year after year to revel in the breathtaking environment surrounding the area. The mesmerizing ambiance adds to the allure of this beloved destination.

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