Hospet police tightness up safety rules to combat the spread of COVID-19

The administration is doing its best to make sure everyone is following full safety measures.
Today evening the police force in huge number made sure every passerby was wearing a mask on two-wheeler and four-wheeler. Fine was imposed on people who were found without masks or even not wearing the mask properly.

Anybody violating the orders will be punishable under section 188 of Indian Penal Code (48 of 1860) and can be fined up to Rs 1000

  1. All persons moving for whatsoever purpose and under whatever reason or authority in public places like street, office, shops, markets, clinics, hospital premises must compulsorily wear a mask.
  2. Any person who is moving around in his personal or official vehicle must compulsorily wear a mask.
  3. Any person travelling in public transport, working at any site/office/workplace must compulsorily wear a mask.
  4. No person, staff, officer will attend any meeting/gathering, a workplace without compulsorily wearing a mask.
  5. The mask may be standard mask either three-ply mask or plain cloth mask which are available with the chemists or even homemade washable masks which can be reused after proper washing and disinfecting them.

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