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Free cataract surgery initiative brightens lives of 45 elderly residents in Hospet

In a heartwarming initiative, 45 elderly individuals in Hospet were granted the gift of sight through free cataract surgery on the 10th of September, thanks to the collaborative efforts of Rotary Eye Hospital, the District Blind Control Society, Vijayanagara District and R Pampapathy Rotary Eye Hospital Hospet. The surgery camp, aimed at providing much-needed relief to the local community, was carried out under the expertise of Dr. B. Parasappa, a renowned eye surgeon of VIMS Bellary. well-known for his dedication to the cause.

The initiative was made possible by the dedicated support of the “Hosapete Taluka Shamiyana Association”, which has been actively involved in various community endeavors.  the Chairman of Rotary Eye Hospital, expressed his gratitude for the collaboration and the opportunity to make a significant impact on the lives of those in need.

Present at the event were prominent figures from Rotary Eye Hospital and the local Rotary Club, including Rtn. Ashwin Kotombari, the Chairman of the Rotary Eye Hospital, Secretary Rtn. B. Harsha, and Rotary Club President Rtn. R. Satyanarayan and Secretary Rtn. K S Dadapeer. The event also witnessed the presence of a dedicated eye hospital staff & members who worked tirelessly to ensure the success of the initiative.

The free cataract surgery camp not only restored vision to those who had been living with impaired eyesight but also served as a testament to the power of community collaboration in Hospet. The event left a lasting impression on the beneficiaries and organizers alike, reinforcing the belief that acts of kindness can illuminate lives and create a brighter future for all.

With a shared commitment to serving the community, these organizations have not only improved the vision of 45 elderly individuals but have also illuminated the path for similar initiatives in the future.

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