Dress-code awareness in Hampi Temple. No bermudas, shorts and jeans

In a move to infuse a spiritual ambiance into the renowned tourist destination of Hampi in the Vijayanagar district, an initiative has been launched by the district administration. Deputy Commissioner MS Diwakar, along with Vijayanagara MLA HR Gaviappa, actively engaged with devotees dressed in bermudas, shorts and jeans, encouraging them to view Hampi not just as a tourist spot but as a sacred abode of Lord Virupaksha.

The appeal was for tourists to embrace traditional attire as a symbol of reverence when seeking blessings from the deity. Personally providing dhotis and shawls to visitors, the DC ensured that their entry into the temple resonated with a sense of tradition and devotion. This initiative addresses a long-standing public demand and underscores the significance of visitors wearing appropriate attire to honor the sanctity of the temple.

Deputy Commissioner MS Diwakar highlighted Hampi’s dual identity as both a tourist hotspot and a spiritual center, emphasizing that there is no fixed fee for obtaining dhotis and shawls during the deity’s darshan.

To meet the persistent demand for streamlined services, the district administration introduced measures to digitize the process of issuing receipts for the temple’s sevas. This tech-savvy move aims not only to enhance efficiency but also to prevent potential revenue leakages, optimizing funds for the temple’s maintenance. The DC inaugurated this initiative today and presented the MLA with the first digitized seva receipt.

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