District Congress President Siraj Sheikh fumes at Zameer Ahmed Khan, demands his removal

Vijayanagara District Congress Committee president Siraj Sheikh issued a warning on Tuesday, expressing his discontent with the perceived arbitrary actions of District Minister B Z Zameer Ahmed Khan. Sheikh declared that the Congress in the district could face fragmentation if Khan is not relieved of his duties as the district incharge.

Addressing the media in Hosapete, Sheikh highlighted corruption complaints against the district minister, alleging that Khan showed little interest in addressing issues within his Housing Department. According to Sheikh, Zameer Ahmed Khan reportedly operated through a private agent in the District Collector’s office, sidelining elected officials and party members.

Sheikh emphasized the urgent need for intervention, stating, “If he continues as caretaker minister for an extended period, irreparable damage can be done to the party.” Despite being potentially close to the chief minister, Khan’s actions have allegedly led to neglect of party leaders and workers during events like the Hampi festival, with municipal council members from Hospet not receiving invitations.

Acknowledging the potential consequences of his outspokenness, Sheikh stated, “I may be relieved of the DCC president post, but if I remain silent, the party may suffer irreparable damage in the district ahead of the Lok Sabha elections.” Sheikh urged the chief minister to consider removing Khan as the district in-charge minister to prevent further division within the party.

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