COVID-19: Mom separated from a 9-month-old baby.

A mother of a 9-month-old is one of the migrants who arrived from Mumbai to Bellary’s Quarantine Center on May 6. The mother has been separated from a 9-month-old baby after being tested positive for coronavirus. She is now at the District’s Hospital for treatment. The child is temporarily away from the mother due to the fear of corona spread. The baby is now with grandmother and good care is taken. A six-year-old son of the same woman is also placed in Quarantine.

Three families had moved to Mumbai in search of employment over the past two months. These families were brought to Bellary on May 5 by a labour train. The migrants have been placed in Quarantine and tested for corona. Corona positives were detected for 11 members of three families. There are seven women, three men and one androgynous.

A woman with a 9-month-old body has been diagnosed with coronavirus, and the mother and child will remain apart for a few days.

A 9-month-old baby’s throat fluid is being tested with the help of a specialist doctor. The mother is undergoing treatment and the child will not be with the mother until the quarantine has expired. If the child is tested positive, treatment by the local doctors can be challenging.

All infected people are being treated. Health care is also being monitored. A 9-month-old baby in the grandmother’s shelter has been tested for fluid in the throat. The doctors’ team was also concerned about the health of the child.
Dr. N. Basa Reddy, District Surgeon, District Hospital, Bellary

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