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Congress’ HR Gaviyappa wins against BJP’s Siddharth Singh in 2023 election. Special report

In the recently concluded Assembly elections in Karnataka, HR Gaviyappa, a Congress leader, emerged victorious in the Vijayanagara constituency. Gaviyappa secured a total of 104,863 votes, defeating Siddharth Singh A Thakur of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), who received 71,140 votes. Gaviyappa managed to secure 57.99 percent of the total votes cast, while Thakur secured 39.34 percent.

It is worth noting that in the 2018 Assembly polls, the Vijayanagara seat was won by Anand Singh, who was then a Congress leader. However, Anand Singh later switched parties and joined the BJP. In the previous election, Anand Singh defeated Gavipriya, who was then contesting on a BJP ticket.

Anand Singh, who currently serves as the Karnataka Tourism Minister, decided not to contest the election this year. Instead, he secured a party ticket for his son, Siddharth Singh, to contest from the Vijayanagara constituency. However, despite the party support, Siddharth Singh was unable to secure the seat and lost to Congress leader HR Gavipriya.

What about Ballary?

Congress candidate B Nagendra won the Bellary assembly seat defeating Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) candidates. Nagendra had maintained lead over BJP and AAP candidates since round 1 of the counting of votes.

Congress Candidate Nara Bharath Reddy Wins 2023 Karnataka Assembly Elections From Bellary City.

In the 2008 Assembly elections, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) achieved a significant victory by winning eight out of the nine seats in Ballari district. However, in the recent 2023 elections, the political scenario has shifted, with the Congress party emerging victorious. The Congress secured all five seats in Ballari and two seats in the newly formed Vijayanagara district, which was carved out of Ballari. The BJP, on the other hand, managed to retain only one seat in the united Ballari district, specifically in Hadagali.

Historically, Ballari had been a stronghold for the Congress party. This was evident when Sonia Gandhi, the Congress leader, contested the Lok Sabha elections in 1999 from this constituency. The contest intensified when the BJP’s prominent leader, Sushma Swaraj, also entered the race. Ultimately, Sonia Gandhi emerged victorious in a high-stakes electoral battle.

However, in the 2008 elections, during the mining boom, the BJP gained control over Ballari district. Influential figures like Gali Janardhan Reddy, along with his brothers Gali Somashekhar Reddy and Gali Karunakar Reddy, as well as B. Sriramulu, a prominent leader of the Naik community, used their financial resources and political influence to strengthen the BJP’s position.

In the 2013 elections, internal conflicts and infighting weakened the BJP. Janardhan Reddy faced legal troubles and other leaders like B.S. Yediyurappa and Sriramulu formed their own political parties. These factors contributed to the decline of the BJP’s influence in Ballari.

Taking advantage of the situation, the Congress improved its performance in the 2013 elections, winning four out of the nine seats, while the BSR Congress Party won two seats. The BJP and the JD(S) secured one seat each.

However, with the return of previously departed leaders to the BJP, the party regained strength and won four seats in the 2018 elections, leaving five seats for the Congress. Following the bifurcation of Ballari, five seats remained in the old Ballari district, while the newly formed Vijayanagara district received five seats, including Harapanahalli, which was reintegrated into Ballari district.

In the 2023 elections, the Congress secured all five seats in Ballari district, namely Kampli, Siruguppa, Ballari City, Ballari Rural, and Sandur. In Vijayanagara district, the party won Kudligi and Vijayanagara seats. The BJP managed to win only one seat in Hadagali. The JD(S) emerged victorious in Hagari Bommanahalli, and an Independent candidate won in Harapanahalli.

Consequently, the BJP is now left with only one seat out of the ten seats in the united Ballari district. Prominent figures like Somashekhar Reddy, Karunakar Reddy, and Sriramulu, who once held significant influence in Ballari politics, all suffered defeats. Even Gali Lakshmi Aruna, the wife of Janardhan Reddy, who contested from the KRPP party, lost the election in Ballari City to the young Congress candidate Na.Ra. Bharat Reddy. Sriramulu was defeated by a margin of 29,300 votes by the Congress candidate B. Nagendra.

With Janardhan Reddy barred from entering Ballari district due to legal restrictions and the defeats of his brothers, his wife, and his associate, it appears that the Ballari district is now free from the political influence of the Reddy brothers.

The Reddy’s comeback: Sole winner in Reddy family battle

In Bellary City, the Congress candidate Nara Bharath Reddy emerged victorious in the recent election, while Aruna Lakshmi, the wife of Janardhana Reddy from the Kalyana Rajya Pragathi Paksha (KRPP), and his estranged brother G. Somasekhara Reddy from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) suffered defeats.

Janardhan Reddy, a prominent figure in the mining industry, made a comeback to the Karnataka Assembly as a Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) representing the Kalyana Rajya Pragathi Paksha (KRPP). After a hiatus of over 12 years from active politics and his separation from the BJP, Reddy established KRPP a few months ago and contested from Gangawati, while his wife, Gali Lakshmi Aruna, contested from Bellary City.

In the election, Reddy secured victory by defeating Iqbal Ansari of the Congress Party in Gangawati by a margin of 8,266 votes. Reddy garnered a total of 66,213 votes, while Ansari received 57,947 votes.

Meanwhile, in Bellary City, Nara Bharath Reddy of the Congress Party emerged as the winner with 86,440 votes, defeating Gali Lakshmi Aruna by a margin of 37,863 votes. Aruna secured 48,477 votes. G. Somashekhara Reddy, the younger brother of Janardhan Reddy, who also contested the election, secured the third position with 37,155 votes. Anil H Lad, a former MLA who entered the fray with a ticket from the JD(S), obtained 610 votes.

The Congress manifesto and promises

The Congress party’s manifesto comprised a total of 576 promises, with five major proposals that evidently resonated with voters. These included the provision of 200 units of free electricity, free bus travel for women throughout Karnataka, allowances for unemployed graduates and diploma holders, the distribution of 10 kg of free rice to low-income families, and a monthly allowance of ₹2,000 for families led by women.

Additionally, the Congress pledged to increase the reservation quota for other backward classes and other communities from the current 50% to 75%, and to allocate reservations based on population proportions.

In the elections, the Congress secured a resounding victory, winning 136 seats, enabling their return to power. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which obtained 65 seats, was ousted from its position of power. The Janata Dal (Secular) (JD(S)) won 19 seats, while the remaining four seats were secured by other parties.

In the 224-member state legislature, the required majority was 113 seats. The elections witnessed a total of 2,613 candidates, consisting of 2,427 men, 185 women, and one candidate falling under the “other” category.

How BJP formed government in Karnataka in 2019

In 2019, a total of 13 Congress and three JD(S) MLAs resigned from the Karnataka Assembly, resulting in the collapse of the 14-month-old coalition government formed by the Congress and the JD(S), under the leadership of H.D. Kumaraswamy. Subsequently, these 16 MLAs were disqualified by the Speaker and later joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). In the subsequent 2019 Assembly bypolls, the majority of these disqualified MLAs contested and emerged victorious, subsequently becoming Ministers in the BJP government led by B.S. Yediyurappa.

The Big Battle

The Congress party achieved a resounding victory in Karnataka, reclaiming power from the BJP by winning a convincing majority of 136 seats out of the total 224-seat assembly. This triumph serves as a significant boost for the Congress, which now holds power in four states and positions them favorably ahead of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. Rahul Gandhi, the Congress leader, extensively toured over 50 constituencies across seven districts of Karnataka during his Bharat Jodo Yatra. He interpreted the party’s performance as a victory for the underprivileged against crony capitalists, expressing confidence that this trend would be replicated in other states as well. Gandhi emphasized that the new government would promptly fulfill its “five promises,” which include initiatives such as providing 200 units of free electricity and offering allowances for unemployed graduates. Former Chief Minister Siddaramaiah reiterated these commitments.

The party strategically focused its campaign on local issues, and the ticket distribution process was meticulously controlled. Consequently, 35 newly elected Congress MLAs are first-time legislators. The Congress Legislature Party (CLP) is scheduled to convene in Bengaluru on Sunday at 5:30 pm to elect its new leader, with the new cabinet expected to be sworn in on Monday. Siddaramaiah and DK Shivakumar, the head of the Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC), remain top contenders for the leadership position. Informal discussions have already commenced, with Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge and AICC general secretaries KC Venugopal and Randeep Surjewala present in Bengaluru to oversee the proceedings. It is possible that Rahul Gandhi may also attend the meeting, if required.

The election results clearly reflect a strong anti-incumbency sentiment against the Basavaraj Bommai government. Several prominent ministers, including Govind Karjol, Murugesh Nirani, and B Sriramulu, were among the dozen incumbents who suffered defeat. Siddaramaiah characterized the Congress victory as an expression of people’s desire for a stable government, driven by their dissatisfaction with BJP’s alleged corruption. He credited the outcome to the collective efforts of the Gandhi family and stated that the people of Karnataka had rejected the “politics of hate.”

DK Shivakumar expressed his commitment to fulfill his promise to the Gandhis and Kharge of securing victory for the party in the state. He had previously pledged to deliver this win as a gift to the Gandhis on his birthday, which falls on May 15. Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai, while acknowledging the defeat, assured that the BJP would bounce back by analyzing its mistakes and reorganizing itself. He affirmed that the party would make better preparations for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. The BJP’s central leadership provided unwavering support to its Karnataka unit throughout the election campaign.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi conducted nine rallies and six roadshows, while Home Minister Amit Shah held 16 rallies and 15 roadshows following the announcement of the polls. The BJP left no stone unturned, considering the significance of the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections. The results further extended the trend observed since 1989, where Karnataka has never re-elected the incumbent government. While the Congress campaign centered around allegations of a 40% commission under the BJP regime, the party’s landslide victory can be attributed to the compelling pledges made to the voters during the campaign.

Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge hits out at BJP after K’taka win
In the aftermath of the Congress party’s resounding triumph in the Karnataka Assembly elections, AICC President M. Mallikarjun Kharge strongly criticized the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), stating that those who sought a “Congress Mukt Bharat” (Congress-free India) ended up facing a “BJP Mukt Dakshin Bharat” (BJP-free South India).

Kharge took a dig at the BJP, emphasizing that egoistic statements no longer hold weight and it is crucial to understand the hardships faced by the people. During a press conference, he remarked, “Those who aimed to create a Congress-free India spoke against us, but today one thing has come true, and that is a BJP-free South India.”

Kharge cautioned Congress leaders to approach their work with humility and remain connected with the grassroots. He described the victory in the May 10 elections as a “people’s victory,” rather than an individual’s triumph.

“After 35 years, we have achieved such a landslide victory, and we should bear this in mind. We won because we won together, something that would not have been possible otherwise,” Kharge declared.

He emphasized that the victory was the outcome of collective leadership, stating, “Because we worked together, we emerged victorious. If we were divided, we would have remained in the same situation as before (referring to the 2018 elections).”

Amit Shah’s take

Union Home Minister Amit Shah expressed his gratitude to the people of Karnataka for allowing the BJP to serve them for several years. He assured that under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the BJP will continue working towards the welfare and development of Karnataka and its people.

The Congress party secured a standalone victory in Karnataka, regaining power after a decade and displacing the BJP from its only stronghold in the south. This outcome was welcomed by the BJP as a democratic choice made by the voters, and Shah acknowledged the electoral decision.

In addition, Amit Shah congratulated the BJP workers in Uttar Pradesh for their exceptional performance in the local bodies polls. He praised their efforts and the leadership of Bhupendra Singh Choudhary, the head of the BJP’s Uttar Pradesh unit. The victory in the local body elections, including the clean sweep in mayoral elections, was seen as an endorsement of the government’s public welfare initiatives under Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s guidance and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership.

Shah expressed heartfelt gratitude to the people for their continuous faith in the BJP and their support for the party’s endeavors to serve the public.

Karnataka Election Results 2023: Full list of winners (All districts)

Afzalpur – MY Patil of Congress
Aland – Congress’ Bhojaraj
Anekal (SC) – Congress’s B Shivanna
Arabhavi – BJP’s Balachandra Laxmanrao Jarkiholi
Arkalgud – JDS’s A Manju
Arsikere – Congress’ KM Shivalinge Gowda
Athani – Congress leader Laxman Savadi is leading
Aurad (SC) – BJP’s Prabhu B Chavan
B.T.M. Layout – Congress’ Ramalinga Reddy
Babaleshwar – Congress’ M B Patil
Badami – Congress’ BB Chimmanakatti
Bagalkot – Congress’ Meti. Hullappa Yamanappa
Bagepalli – Congress’ SN Subbareddy
Bailhongal – Congress’ Koujalagi Mahantesh Shivanand
Bangalore South – BJP’s M Krishnappa
Bangarapet (SC) – Congress’ SN Narayanaswamy KM
Bantval – BJP’s Rajesh Naik
Basavakalyan – BJP’s Sharanu Salagar
Basavana Bagevadi – Congress’ Shivanand Patil
Basavanagudi – BJP’s Ravi Subramanya LA
Belgaum Dakshin – BJP’s Abhay Patil
Belgaum Rural – Congress’ Laxmi R. Hebbalkar
Belgaum Uttar – Congress’ Asif (Raju) Sait
Bellary City – Congress’ Nara Bharath Reddy
Bellary Rural (ST) – Congress’ B Nagendra
Belthangady – BJP’s Harish Poonja
Belur – BJP’s HK Suresh
Bhadravati – Congress’ BK Sanagameshwara
Bhalki – Congress’ Eshwar Khandre
Bhatkal – Congress’ Mankal Vaidya
Bidar – Congress’ Rahim Khan
Bidar South – BJP’s Shailendra Beldale
Bijapur City – BJP’s Basanagouda R Patil
Bilgi – Congress’ JT Patil
Bommanahalli – BJP’s Sathish Reddy
Byadgi – Congress’ Basavaraj Neelappa Shivannanavar
Byatarayanapura – Congress’ Krishna Byregowda
Byndoor – BJP’s Gururaj Shetty Gantihole
C. V. Raman Nagar (SC) – BJP’s S Raghu
Challakere (ST) – Congress’ T Raghumurthy
Chamaraja – Congress’ K Harish Gowda
Chamarajanagar – Congress’ C Puttarangashetty
Chamrajpet – Congress’ BZ Zameer Ahmed Khan
Chamundeshwari – JDS’s GT Devegowda
Channagiri – Congress’ Basavaraju V Shivaganga
Channapatna – JDS’s HD Kumaraswamy
Chickpet – BJP’s Uday B Garudachar
Chikkaballapur – Congress’ Pradeep Eshwar
Chikkodi-Sadalga – Congress’ Ganesh Prakash Hukkeri
Chikmagalur – Congress’ HD Thamaiah
Chiknayakanhalli – JDS Candidate C B Suresh Baabu
Chincholi (SC) – BJP’s Avinash Umesh Jadhav
Chintamani – Congress’ MC Sudhakar
Chitradurga – Congress’ KC Veerendra Puppy
Chittapur (SC) – Congress’ Priyank Kharge
Dasarahalli – BJP’s S Muniraju
Davanagere North – Congress’ SS Mallikarjun
Davanagere South – Congress’ Shamanur Shivashankarappa
Devadurga (ST) – JDS’s Karemma
Devanahalli (SC) – Congress’ KM Muniyappa
Devar Hippargi – JDS’s Bhimanagouda Basanagouda Patil
Dharwad – Congress’ Vinay Kulkarni
Doddaballapur – BJP’s Dheeraj Muniraj
Gadag – Congress’ HK Patil
Gandhi Nagar – Congress’ Dinesh Gundu Rao
Gangawati – G Janardhan Reddy from Kalyana Rajya Pragathi Paksha
Gauribidanur – KH Puttaswamy Gowda (Independent)
Gokak – BJP’s Jarkiholi Ramesh Laxmanrao
Govindraj Nagar – Congress’ Priyakrishna
Gubbi – Congress’ SR Srinivas
Gulbarga Dakshin – Congress’ Allamprabhu Patil
Gulbarga Rural (SC) – BJP’s Basawaraj Mattimudu
Gulbarga Uttar – Congress’ Kaneez Fatima
Gundlupet – Congress’ HM Ganesh Prasad
Gurmitkal – JDS’s Sharana Gowda Kandakur
Hadagalli (SC) – BJP’s Krishna Nayaka
Hagaribommanahalli (SC) – JDS’s Nemarajanaik K
Haliyal – Congress’ Deshpande Raghunath
Hangal – Congress’ Mane Srinivas
Hanur – JDS’s MR Manjunath
Harapanahalli – Latha Mallikarjun (Independent)
Harihar – BJP’s BP Harish
Hassan – JDS’s Swaroop Prakash
Haveri (SC) – Congress’ Rudrappa Manappa
Hebbal – Congress’ Suresha B S
Heggadadevankote (ST) – Congress’ Anil Chikkamadhu
Hirekerur – Congress’ Ujaneshwar Basavannappa Banakar
Hiriyur – Congress’ D Sudhakar
Holalkere (SC) – BJP’s M Chandrappa
Holenarasipur – JDS’s HD Revanna
Honnali – Congress’ Shanthana Gowda DG
Hosadurga – Congress’ BG Govindappa
Hoskote – Congress’ Sharath Kumar Bachegowda
Hubli-Dharwad Central – BJP’s Mahesh Tenginakai
Hubli-Dharwad East (SC) – Congress’ Abbayya Prasad
Hubli-Dharwad West – BJP’s Arvind Bellad
Hukkeri – BJP’s Katti Nikhil Umesh
Humnabad – BJP’s Siddu Patil
Hungund – Congress’ Kashappanavara Vijayanad Shivashankrappa
Hunsur – JDS’s GD Harish Gowda
Indi – Congress’ Yashavantaraygoud Vittalagoud Patil
Jagalur (ST) – Congress’ B Devendrappa
Jamkhandi – BJP’s Jagadeesh Shivayya Gudagunti
Jayanagar – Congress’ Sowmya Reddy
Jevargi – Congress’ Ajay Singh
K. R. Puram – BJP’s BA Basavaraja
Kadur – Congress’ Anand KS
Kagwad – Congress’ Bharamgouda Alagouda Kage
Kalghatgi – Congress’ Santosh S Lad
Kampli (ST) – Congress’ J N Ganesh
Kanakagiri (SC) – Congress’ Tangadagi Shivaraj Sangappa
Kanakapura – Congress’ D K Shivakumar
Kapu – BJP’s Gurme Suresh Shetty
Karkala – BJP’s V Sunill Kumar
Karwar – Congress’ Satish Krishna Sail
Khanapur – BJP’s Vithal Somanna Halagekar
Kittur – Congress’ Babasaheb Patil
Kolar – Congress’ Kothur G Manjunatha
Kolar Gold Field (SC)- Congress’ Roopa Kala M
Kollegal (SC) – Congress’s A.R.Krishnamurthy
Koppal – Congress’s K Raghavendra Basavaraj Hitnal
Koratagere (SC) – Congress’ G Parameshwara
Krishnaraja – BJP’s TS Srivathsa
Krishnarajanagara – Congress’ Ravishankar D
Krishnarajapet – JDS’s HT Manju
Kudachi (SC) – Congress’s Mahendra Kallappa Tammannavar
Kudligi (ST) – Congress’s Sreenivas NT
Kumta – BJP’s Dinakar Keshav Shetty
Kundapura – BJP’s A Kiran Kumar Kodgi
Kundgol – BJP’s MR Patil
Kunigal – Congress’s HD Ranganath
Kushtagi – Doddanagouda Hanamagouda Patil
Lingsugur (SC) – BJP’s Manappa D Vajjal
Maddur – Congress’s Udaya KM
Madhugiri – Congress’s Kyathasandra N Rajanna
Madikeri – Congress’s Mantar Gowda
Magadi – Congress’ HC Balakrishna
Mahadevapura (SC) – BJP’s Manjula S
Mahalakshmi Layout – BJP’s K Gopalaiah
Malavalli (SC) – Congress’s PM Narendraswamy
Malleshwaram – BJP’s Ashwanth Narayan CN
Malur – Congress’ KY Nanjegowda
Mandya – Congress’ Ravikumar Gowda Ganiga
Mangalore – Congress’s UT Khader Fareed
Mangalore City North – BJP’s Bharath Shetty Y
Mangalore City South – BJP’s Bharath Shetty Y
Manvi (ST) – Congress’ G Hampayya Nayak
Maski (ST) – Congress’ Basan Gouda Turvihal
Mayakonda (SC) – Congress’s KS Basavanthappa
Melukote – Dharshan Puttannaiah from Sarvodaya Karnataka Paksha
Molakalmuru (ST) – Congress’s NY Gopalakrishna
Moodabidri – BJP’s Umanatha Kotian
Muddebihal – Congress’ Appaji Aliyas Channabasavaraj
Mudhol (SC) – Congress’ Timmapur Ramappa Balappa
Mudigere (SC) – Congress’ Nayana Motamma
Mulbagal (SC) – JDS’ Samruddhi V Manjunath
Nagamangala – Congress’ N Chaluvararaswamy
Nagathan (SC) – Congress’ Katakadhond Vithhal Dondiba
Nanjangud (SC) – Congress’ Darshan Dhruvanarayana
Narasimharaja – Congress’ Tanveer Sait
Nargund – BJP’s CC Patil
Navalgund – Congress’ Ningagaraddi Hanamaraddi Konaraddi
Nelamangala (SC) – Congress’ Shreenivasaiah H
Nippani – BJP’s Jolle Shashikala Annasaheb leading
Padmanaba Nagar – BJP’s R Ashoka
Pavagada (SC) – Congress’ HV Venkatesh
Periyapatna – Congress’ K Venkatesh
Pulakeshinagar (SC) – Congress’ AC Srinivasa
Puttur – Congress’ Ashok Kumar Rai
Raibag (SC) – BJP’s Shivaraj Patil
Raichur – BJP’s Shivaraj Patil
Raichur Rural (ST) – Congress’ Basanagouda Daddal
Rajaji Nagar – BJP’s S Suresh Kumar
Rajarajeshwarinagar – BJP’s Munirathna
Ramanagara – Congress’ HA Igbal Hussain
Ramdurg – Congress’ Ashok Mahadevappa
Ranebennur – Congress’ Prakash Koliwad
Ron – Congress’ Gurupadagouda Sanganagouda Patil
Sagar – Congress’ Gopala Krishna Belluru
Sakleshpur (SC) – BJP’s Cement Manju
Sandur (ST) – Congress’ E Tukaram
Sarvagnanagar – Congress’ Kelachandra Joseph George
Saundatti Yellamma – Congress’ Vishwas Vasant Vaidya
Sedam – Congress’ Sharanprakash Rudrappa Patil
Shahapur – Congress’ Sharanbasappa Darshanapur
Shanti Nagar – Congress’ NA Haris
Shiggaon – BJP’s Basavaraj Bommai
Shikaripura – BJP’s Vijayendra Yediyurappa
Shimoga – BJP’s Channabasappa (Chenni)
Shimoga Rural (SC) – JDS’ Sharada Puryanaik
Shirahatti (SC) – BJP’s Chandru Lamani
Shivajinagar – Congress’ Rizwan Arshad
Shorapur (ST) – Congress’ Raja Venkatappa
Shravanabelagola – JDS’s CN Balakrisha
Shrirangapattana – JDS’s CN Balakrishna
Sidlaghatta – JDS’s BN Ravi Kumar
Sindagi – Congress’ Ashok Mallapa Managuli
Sindhanur – Congress’ Hampanagouda Badarli
Sira – Congress’ T B Jayachandra
Sirsi – Congress’ Bhimanna T Naik
Siruguppa (ST) – Congress’ BM Nagaraja
Sorab – Congress’ Madhu Bangarappa
Sringeri – Congress’ T. D. Rajegowda
Srinivaspur – JDS’s G.K. Venkatashivareddy
Sullia (SC) – BJP’s Bhagirathi Murulya
T. Narasipur (SC) – Congress’ H. C. Mahadevapp
Tarikere – Congress’ G. H. Srinivasa
Terdal – BJP’s Siddu Savadi
Tiptur – Congress’ K. Shadakshari
Tirthahalli – BJP’s Araga Jnanendra
Tumkur City – BJP’s G. B. Jyothi Ganesh
Tumkur Rural – BJP’s B. Suresh Gowda
Turuvekere – JDS M. T. Krishnappa
Udupi – BJP’s Yashpal A Suvarna
Varuna – Congress’ Siddaramaiah
Vijay Nagar – Congress’ M. Krishnappa
Vijayanagara – Congress’ H. R. Gaviyappa
Virajpet – Congress’ A. S. Ponnanna
Yadgir – Congress’ Channareddy Patil Tunnur
Yelahanka – BJP’s S. R. Vishwanath
Yelburga – Congress’ Basavaraj Rayareddi
Yellapur – BJP’s Arabail Hebbar Shivaram
Yemkanmardi (ST) – Congress’ Satish Laxmanarao Jarkiholi
Yeshwantpur – BJP’s S. T. Somashekar

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