Chief Minister Siddaramaiah takes firm stand against illegal mining

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has announced a firm stance against illegal mining activities in the state. He emphasized that the government will take stringent measures to combat such unlawful practices. In cases where mining operations possess valid licenses, the government will extend its full cooperation, involving all relevant departments.

The Chief Minister made these remarks during his interaction with the media, following his participation in the inauguration of several developmental initiatives at the Government Pre-university College campus today.

Regarding the issue of mining, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah disclosed that a meeting had taken place with the Forest Department, during which clear directives were issued to avoid disrupting mining activities falling under any category, be it A, B, C, or others. The discussions also revolved around exploring alternative approaches for mining within forested areas. It is worth noting that the state has a history of combatting illegal mining.

In the spirit of review and action, the Chief Minister inaugurated new structures, including Pre University College, high school, library buildings, and various development projects, at a cost of Rs 36 crore. These well-equipped facilities are set to benefit around 3,000 students. The Kalyana Karnataka Development Board is overseeing this significant endeavor. Responding to media suggestions about the need for a women’s degree college and a women’s police station in Vijayanagara district, he assured that the matter would be thoroughly reviewed and necessary steps would be taken.

When questioned about predictions by MLA Ramesh Jarakiholi that the Congress government would fall, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah confidently asserted that the people of Karnataka had granted a decisive mandate to the Congress party with 136 seats, ensuring their governance for a full five-year term. He reaffirmed his position as Chief Minister for the same duration, debunking any hopes of a repeat of the BJP’s past efforts, such as Operation Kamala, to destabilize the government.

As for the possibility of three Deputy Chief Ministers in the government, the Chief Minister underlined that the Congress is a national party and not confined to regional politics. Therefore, such decisions would be left to the party’s high command.

Addressing the upcoming Hampi Utsav, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah confirmed that it would be celebrated grandly in January, similar to the previous year’s festivities. When asked about the establishment of a sugar factory in Hosapet, he assured that discussions with relevant authorities would take place to make an appropriate decision.

Furthermore, in response to queries about the financial situation of Hampi University, the Chief Minister pledged that the university would receive immediate funding upon making a formal request.

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