Chandramouliswara – Majestic Temple In Hampi

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Another religious place in Hampi to worship and spend some time peacefully is Chandramouliswara temple in Hampi. It is one of the most ancient temples in Hampi. It is on the northern side of the Tungabhadra river on Rishimukh Island. At this temple, you can worship and seek the blessings of Lord Shiva.

Although it is a bit difficult to reach this temple as it is in a remote location. This is the reason that Chandramouleshwara temple does not have many tourists. In case you want to learn every detail about Hampi then you can visit this temple.

Some Facts About Chandramouleshwara Temple


This temple remains open for pilgrims every day from morning to evening. 

Entry Fee

Visitors don’t need to pay anything. 


You can store your memories by capturing photographs. It is permitted in this temple. 

Visit Duration In Chandramouleshwara Temple In Hampi

You can spend around 30 – 40 minutes inside the temple.

Best Time To Visit 

It is better to visit here in winter.

Chandramouleshwara Temple History

This temple is one of the oldest temple in Hampi. It has been in existence since the 13th century. Chandramouleshwara temple holds significance since the Vijayanagara Era. This temple was one of the most popular temples in ancient times and locals of Hampi worship God Shiva in this temple. 

Chandramouleshwara – Temple In Hampi Meaning

This word is a fusion of 3 words – “Chandra” also called the moon, “Mouli” which signifies the crown of hair, and “Iswara” which means God. Therefore, Chandramouliswara word means “the God who wears the moon as the crown of hair”. As Lord Shiva has a half moon on his head as a crown of hair, so this temple is devoted to Lord Shiva.

Chandramouleshwara Temple Architecture 

The architecture of this temple presents Vijayanagara-style architecture. Most features of this temple resemble the other temple of Hampi. Like other structures of statues, and monuments in Hampi this temple was built using big boulders.

Chandramouleshwara temple has decorative pillars prepared with huge stone cubes. It has various big arches and other attractive figures. The walls of Chandramouleshwara temple have been embellished with detailed carvings on them. The giant entrances, other exceptionally carved ceilings, and other structural features of this temple represent the amazing architectural work of early age. 

Chandramouleshwara Temple Present Condition

If you know about Hampi then you are probably aware that many structures, monuments, temples, and other places in Hampi were destroyed in wars. Earlier Hampi used to be a prosperous place but now most of the places in Hampi are ruined and their structures are badly affected.

This Chandramouleshwara temple is one of those structures destroyed in wars. Natural calamities and other man forces badly affected the beauty of this temple. As this temple is located on an island so the disturbance in nature affected its structure.

This temple stands on land full of sand instead of rocky and hard Hampi land. So this temple has loose sand in bulk because of the island area. Small or large pieces of stones are scattered inside and all around the temple. So stay aware while walking. Chandramouleshwara temple is one of those selective temples where renovation work has to be done. Even to some extent, the structure of this temple is restored by the Archaeological Survey of India. 

But still, you will be able to notice the ruined structure. The beauty of chandramoulishawara temple is restored to some extent and the credit goes to the restoration process. Although it is a bit difficult to reach this location in Hampi. Yet it is worth a visit because of its beauty, location, peaceful atmosphere, and adorable structure.

How One Can Reach Chandramouleshwara Temple?

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This temple used to be easily accessible earlier, as the bridge connects the Chandramouleshwara temple and the south end of the Tungabhadra river. But unfortunately, this bridge was totally ruined hence cannot be used as a medium to reach the temple. 

Instead of this bridge, you can use a coracle. You will find a coracle near the well-known vittala temple. Hire it and ride on the river Tungabhadra. Besides this, you can reach Chandramouleshwara temple through the village route. You need to cross the river after that on the northern side there is a narrow path to a small village. You will reach this temple from the Anegundi route.

Final Note

Chandramouleshwara a temple in Hampi is devoted to Lord Shiva. However, the crowd of visitors to this temple is limited because of its location. Yet it is a good place to visit, and a must-visit if you are willing to learn and research everything about Hampi. There are different routes to visit this place, you can choose it according to your convenience. The most easily accessible was the bridge route but it is no longer accessible as it is ruined. So you can ride through a coracle or cross the village to reach here. It seems quite tricky but the structure and beauty are worth it. Happy holiday!

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