Chandrababu takes pride in unveiling NTR statue in Bellary

TDP’s national leader and former Chief Minister, Nara Chandrababu Naidu, proudly unveiled the NTR Statue at Kamma Bhavan in Bellary. During his address at the event, Naidu shared his sense of honor in commemorating Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao (NTR) as part of his centennial celebrations. He described NTR not just as an individual but as a formidable force and a remarkable personality.

Naidu conveyed his contentment in placing the statue in Bellary, emphasizing that NTR’s legacy would endure in the hearts of Telugu people as long as the Telugu Desam Party exists.

Furthermore, Naidu lauded NTR’s significant contributions to the film industry, highlighting his iconic portrayals of characters like A Venkateswara, Krishna, Rama, Bhima, and Duryodhana. He underlined the unparalleled success NTR achieved in these roles, asserting that such achievements are irreplicable.

Naidu also expressed the belief that the emergence of another individual like NTR in the future is highly improbable. Even if such a personality were to arise, they would still fall short of matching NTR’s enduring legacy. In closing, Naidu extended his greetings to the crowd with the resounding chants of “Jai NTR, Jai Karnataka,” symbolizing his deep admiration for NTR and extending his warm regards to the people of Karnataka.

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