Canals now receive water from Tungabhadra Reseervoir

From the Tungabhadra Reservoir in Hosapete taluk, the water has been released to the lower canals. The water from the reservoir is the life support of the Bellary, Raichur and Koppal districts. The Chief Secretary of the Tungabhadra Dam Governing Council, G Nagamohan on Thursday evening completed the prayer rituals and released the water to the lower canal.

He addressed the media persons saying, “At a meeting of the Tungabhadra Irrigation Advisory Council, it was decided to release the water to all the canals from July 18 onwards, but due to the repairs work in canals, the delay has occurred”.

“Right now, 400 cusecs of water belonging to the Karnataka State is being released into the canals. But currently, the reservoir has an inflow of 43,407 cusecs of water. Since last week, an increased inflow of water in the reservoir is been recorded”, said G Nagamohan.

The water belonging to the Karnataka state has been allowed to flow through the canals. The inflow has been increasing day by day and the Andhra Pradesh state has yet submitted the request to release the water in their territory. After the requisition letter has been accepted by the authorities, the water shall be released.

The full level capacity of the Tungabhadra Reservoir is 497.71 meters. On July 22nd, the water level has been recorded as 494.19 meters. Heavy rains have been reported across the Malnadu region. So the influx into the reservoir is increasing.

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