Bengaluru to Ballari – Are we safe?

Times Now caught up with a family who left Bengaluru and were returning to Ballari. This family used to work in the construction industry but due to COVID pandemic, their owners have asked them not to return till January. The family is coming back to Ballari to work on their three-acre cotton farm. In the past two days- there is a number of people leaving Bengaluru city due to rise in COVID cases. Many fear that there could be extended lockdown and it is better to go to their home towns for safety and livelihood.

“We are seeing reports that a lot of people are trying to leave the city fearing another lockdown. The CM has already assured the state there will not be a lockdown and there isn’t one,”

home minister Basavaraj Bommai said in a video message.

Is it safe to stay at Bangalore?

Bangalore on Tuesday reported 1,498 new Covid-19 cases and 15 fatalities, taking the total number of infections to 26,815 and the death toll to 416, the health department said. The day also saw 571 patients getting discharged after recovery, even as 279 patients in the state are undergoing treatment at Intensive Care Units.

Should you be leaving Bangalore? and will there be a lock down again at Bangalore?

The minister said any decision of the people to return home would be detrimental to the state’s safety as Karnataka’s hinterlands have so far remained virus-free. “Stay where you are and continue with daily routines,” he said. Bommai said the government was planning to have as many as 500 ambulances for Bengaluru alone to effectively manage the Covid crisis. At present, the government has decided to have two ambulances for each of the 198 wards.

We have to ask ourselves this

“Will people coming from Bangalore be safer at Ballari?”
“Will people at Ballari be safe with a number of people coming from outside?”

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