Bellary to get multi-functional complex at railway station

The Rail Land Development Authority invited bids for the development of a multi-functional complex at Bellary Railway stations. According to a statement shared by the organization, the aim of developing a multi-functional complex is to have better infrastructure and boost passenger-centric amenities.

The locations for developing multi-functional complexes have been described as being close to railway stations or within the station’s circulation area. A mixture of shopping spaces, hotels, retail facilities, or shops was outlined as part of the construction project to be introduced on the multi-functional complex sites.

The bidding has already begun on the government website. According to Rail Land Development Authority, the deadline for the submission of bids is May 12, 2021.

The bidder will also be allowed to market and sub-lease the built-up area for lawful and legal activities. Passenger-centric facilities such as ATM, food stalls, medicine stores, budget hotels, variety stores, bookstalls are planned to be implemented as part of the project.

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