Ballari’s mysterious murder case

On 21 March the Toranagallu police station received a call about a dead body with hands tied up on a bed and mouth covered with a cloth in a room at Toranagallu, Baba Nagar, Bellary district.

The deceased has been identified as Asish from West Bengal. Asish had come to Toranagallu along with his wife in search of a job. The couple had rented a house through a house broker and stayed there for 4-5 days.

Asish and Maya

The couple then went missing for several days. The owner of the house Kasim got suspicious when there was a rotting smell around the room.
The owner of the house along with a few other people opened the lock of the room and immediately called the police when they saw a dead body.

Asish’s wife Maya has been missing since then and her phone is switched off. The police are now investigating the matter and are searching for Asish’s wife. The police also suspect that the murder may have involved more than one person.

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