Ballari District To Remain Closed On November 26

The division of the Ballari district has not widely been accepted by some people in the district and the Ballari district struggle committee has called for an entire Ballari Bandh on November 26, 2020.

The bandh has been organized to create and spread awareness on the issues pertaining to the segregation of a district into 2.

Sirigiri Pannaraj, convenor of Welfare committee of Kalyana Karnataka

The meeting was held at Gandhi Bhavan in Ballari city on Tuesday. “50 number of strikes are planned to happen for the next 50 days and only then it is possible to convince the government to rethink its decision”, advised Sirigiri Pannaraj, convenor of Welfare committee of Kalyana Karnataka.

“The fight against the partition is expected to take in a partisan way. Every political party who is dissatisfied with the cabinet’s decision has to enthusiastically take part in the fight against the formation of new district”, says Pannaraj.

Taking an example of problems faced by the Koppal district after it got seperated from the Raichur district, as it hasn’t been receiving adequate water supply from Tungabhadra and it is expected in future that this might be the situation with Ballari district, predicts President of Tungabhadra Farmers’ Association Darooru Purushottamagowda.

“After the division of the two districts, the old and new districts will face lack of development in a comprehensive way. Even the people from both the districts will undergo lots of discrimination based on development of their regions”, says Purushottamagowda.

The meeting finally decided to prepare a list of associations and organizations to conduct a minimum of 50 days’ strike series and Purushottamagowda agreed to handle it.

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