Ballari district administers vaccine to 45% of population; Stands at 7th position in Karnataka

In Bellary and Vijayanagar districts, out of a total target of 21,18,804 people, 9,63,366 have been vaccinated, which accounts for 45% of its total population. The possibility of occurrence of the third wave of Covid-19 creating a sense of anxiety and panic among people.

The goal of administering the vaccine to over 14,62,041 people of age group 18-44 was unsuccessful as the State Government has been supplying inadequately.

A total of 70% of college-going students aged 18+ have received at least 1st dose of vaccine. In Ballari over 19,825, 2700 students in Siruguppa, 5,531 students in Hosapete, 4,307 Students from Harapanahlli, 4,210 students from Hagaribommanahalli, 3,240 students from Hadagali, 5,075 students from Kudligi, 2,196 students from Sandur and in total have 47,084 students have received their vaccines in the district.

The people have been standing in long queues to administer vaccines as the state government has not been able to meet the requirements of the districts.

Out of 31 districts in Karnataka, Ballari district stands at 7th position in administering vaccines to the populated space. Although the target of vaccinating over 21 Lakh population has not been met, the percentage still accounts for 45% population in the district.

The first and second wave of coronavirus infection has so far seen 97,305 infections in the two districts, of which 95,350 have been cured. 1,681 people have died so far. On the one hand, the number of infections is declining from day to day, and on the other hand, people are worried about the 3rd wave prediction.

Nowadays, there is an increasing number of people getting the COVID-19 vaccine in both districts. This results in a demand for at least 10-15 thousand doses of coronavirus vaccine every day. However, only 4-5 thousand dosages are currently being supplied by the state government. As a result of this inadequate vaccination, the third wave is causing severe anxiety among people in the district.

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