Ballari authorities seize ganja valued at ₹75,000

Ballari police apprehended two accused individuals, Syed Gulab Shah and Alam Basha, for illegally selling ganja (cannabis) near a veterinary hospital close to Moti Circle. The police seized around 750 grams of ganja with an estimated street value of ₹75,000.

The arrests were made based on a tip-off received by the police about the illegal activity. The seized ganja is suspected to have been intended for further distribution within the city.

This incident highlights the importance of community vigilance in tackling the spread of drugs. Residents play a crucial role in assisting law enforcement by staying alert and reporting any suspicious activities observed in their neighborhoods. By promptly informing the authorities about potential drug trafficking or distribution, citizens can significantly contribute to maintaining a safe and secure environment for themselves and their communities.

This collaborative effort between alert residents and proactive police work is essential to curb the proliferation of illegal drugs and safeguard the well-being of Ballari’s citizens.

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