As many as 180 children orphaned in Ballari district due to Covid

The coronavirus cases in the Ballari district had surged to reach newer heights during the second wave of the pandemic. Over180 children have lost their parents during the pandemic in the district and are under the care of their nearest relatives.

Most children have lost either of their parents and have been taken care of by a single parent, whereas some have lost both of their mother and father, which is quite disheartening to exist.

Infection at the community levels also have led to an increased number of deaths as there have been instances during the second wave of Covid infection, where people lost their near and far relatives right in front of them, but the loss the children have been facing by losing their parents is irreplaceable.

Over 1700 children aged 0-18 years in the districts of Ballari and Vijayanagara district have tested positive for Covid during the first and second wave of the pandemic. Although most of them have recovered hastily from the covid care centres, the 3rd wave is expected to be disastrous for the children and have been taken special care to cut the spread of infection as specified by the specialists and experts.

The Department of Women and Child Welfare has rushed to assist the children financially and economically, who have lost family. So far, most of the poor children have lost their parents. The department has recognised such children, and have come forward to provide financial assistance for further education. A total of 82 children have already sought help from the department, District Child Protection Officer Chand Pasha said.

Under the Parenthood Scheme for girls up to the age of 18 years, Rs. 1000/month Financial assistance will be provided, ”said R. Nagaraja, deputy director of Bellary District Women and Child Welfare Department.

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