Ancient stone inscription found near Tungabhadra Dam site

A stone inscription related to the construction of Huligikatte, a check dam across the Tungabhadra River, has been discovered near Hole Mudlapura in Koppal taluk. The 14-foot-long and three-foot-wide inscription was unearthed during the modernization work on the region’s canals.

This year, due to low water levels in the dam, the inscription became visible. Upon discovery, officials from the Vijayanagar canal modernization project alerted the Department of Archaeology, Museums, and Heritage. Department officials subsequently visited the site to inspect the inscription.

The inscription reveals that the Huligikatte check dam was built by Naganna Dandanayaka, a general of the Vijayanagar kings. It also notes that water from the canal flows to the Huligi pilgrim center. The Department is conducting further research on the inscription.

Additionally, an inscription dating back to the British era has been found on a large rock near Ishwara Temple on Siruguppa Road in Hosapete, Vijayanagara district. Written in English and Telugu, this inscription details the construction of a canal along the current Siruguppa Road, completed in 1872.

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