Ahmad Khan Mosque And Tomb, Hampi

Ahmad Khan Mosque, a monument which was built in 1439 by Ahmad Khan, who used to be an army officer of proves that, equal importance was given to every religion in the Vijayanagara Empire. Although their intentions were to form an empire against the rising Islamic conquering happening in the Deccan. Ahmad Khan Mosque is a monument that tells the generation about the harmonious life led by the subjects under the Vijayanagara rule.

How Was The Hindu-Muslim Relation In The Kingdom?

This is a sad political story of the relations between the Vijayanagara Empire, The Bahmani Kingdom and its successors, the Bahmani kingdom, and its successor states. In spite of these long political bickerings and sanguine military expeditions, Hindu and Muslim subjects were living harmoniously in the Vijayanagara empire.

They were unmindful of these developments. Hindu population was to some extent leading a comfortable life in the kingdoms of the Deccan Sultanates. But the Vijayanagara rulers were more liberal than their counterparts of the Deccan Sultanates in their religious attitude. This is evident from the literary and epigraphical records and also from the accounts of the foreign visitors.

Issues Between The Hindu And Muslim Kingdom

Vijayanagara empire was established in 1336 A.D, by the Sangama brothers, mainly Harihara and Bukka. The capital city of the empire, of the same name, was founded by these brothers on the southern bank of the Tungabhadra river in the Bellary district of Karnataka.

Ten years after the establishment of the empire, a Muslim kingdom was founded at Gulbarga in Karnataka. This came to be known as the Bahmani kingdom in the second decade of the sixteenth century A.D. Nearly 14 number of wars have been recorded between them.

After the fall of Bahmani kingdom, its successive states, namely the Nizam shahis of Berar, Qutb Shahis of Golkonda, Adil Shahis of Bijapur and Barid Shahis of Bidar continued their conflict with the Vijayanagara.

Sanguinary wars were common between these Sultanates on one hand and the Vijayanagara empire on the other. Finally the combined forces of these Sultanates defeated and destroyed the Vijayanagara empire in Rakkasa-Tangadi war in 1565 A.D.

Architecture Of The Ahmad Khan Mosque

This cubical tomb with dome appears in the typical Islamic style (Deccani) architecture. Just north of it is a rectangular pavilion with an array of circular decorated pillars supporting the flat roof. It is named after the Army officer, Ahmad Khan.

If one has already seen even a bit of Hampi’s spellbound monuments so far, this tomb right here could easily be mistaken for a Hindu or Jain religious structure. Ahmad Khan Mosque and tomb stand tall nearby the Vitthala Temple.

The prayer niche of a mosque and the inscriptions at the site along with other evidence made the researchers conclude that this was a mosque indeed. A little north of the mosque you can spot a rectangular well.

Location Of The Ahmad Khan Mosque

Both these structures, the tomb, and the Ahmad Khan Mosque are located a bit off from the main road and tucked into the banana plantations. Though nearby and visible from the main road there are no definite paths leading to these structures. These are some of the quick off beaten trail explorations one can make on the way from Kamalapura to the Vijaya Vitthala Temple.

Cover it as part of your tour, while you’re heading to Vitthala Temple. After about 1½ km from Kamalapura to Vittala Temple, you’ll leave the main road and take a left deviation. Just under another 1½km on your left appears Ahmed Khan Mosque and the nearby tomb. Before that, you would have crossed a few ruined temples, most of them on your left.

Leave your bicycle/moped at the main roadside and make your way through the plantation ridges to find the Ahmad Khan Mosque.

Things Tourists Need To Know

  • It is open on all days of the week.
  • There’s no entrance fee to visit this monument.
  • Photography is allowed.
  • A place with a picturesque view with the Islamic architecture, which will leave you fascinated.

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