21 medical students at VIMS infected with Covid

The Vijayanagar Institute of Medical Sciences (VIMS) has confirmed that 21 medical students have coronavirus.

A total of 88 students who had left for the vacation were back recently and have been screened for coronavirus. Among the 88 students, 21 have been confirmed to have covid and they are now isolated.

The hostel is now sealed and all precautionary measures are being taken. The first and second contact health checks are being carried out, said Dr. Gangadhargowda, Director of VIMS.

A total of 39 people were infected in the district on Tuesday and 34 on Wednesday, prompting fears of a second-degree coronavirus spread.

However Dr. Anoop Amarnath, Head, Scientific Board and Chairman-Geriatric Medicine, Manipal Hospital said “It is unlikely that we are seeing a second wave in the state. The number of cases does not signify that. There are three aspects to check is there is a second wave severity of illness in Covid-19 patients, an increase in positivity rate and an increase in ICU care and oxygen support in hospitals. But right now, there is nothing to hint at a second wave. However, we have to keep a close watch on the small spikes in cases seen and bring it under control”

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