100 oxygen bed hospital to come up in every Taluk of District; Directs Minister Anand Singh

In order to effectively deal with the upcoming Covid 3rd wave, Minister Anand Singh strictly directs the officials to take up all relevant precautionary measures. Anand Singh along with the District Administration calls for the setting up of a 100-oxygen bed hospital in every taluk, so the patients can be well treated in their own Taluk hospital.

He presided over a Progress review meeting held in the Deputy Commissioner’s office in Ballari on Friday, to discuss the precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 3rd wave.

Since the experts have predicted the possibility of Covid 3rd wave and in case if it turns out to be true, the administration wants to make sure the people don’t face inconvenience, which is why the setting up of a 100-bed hospital in every taluk will emerge as a help to people. Minister Anand Singh directed the officials to bring it into force within 15 days.

He also highlighted the importance of Vaccination as it is the only way out of this pandemic. He added, “According to the experts, Covid-19 can be contained if over 80% of the population is vaccinated. I request all of you to take vaccines so we can fight the pandemic effectively”.

Anand Singh urged people to come forward and take all the precautionary measures voluntarily. “There are over 36 Covid dedicated Hospitals in the district, among them 478 general beds, 2109 oxygen beds, 117 ICU beds, 154 ICU & ventilator beds are facilitated. Around 2858 beds are vacated, 40 covid care centres with 3170 beds are available”, DC Pavan Kumar Malapati informed the details to Mr Singh.

Mr Malapati also briefed about the beds, ICU, Medicine and all other preparations taken by the District Administration. The measures have been taken to install Oxygen plants in all the taluks. He also highlighted that by the end of November, around 13 Lakh people in the district are expected to be vaccinated and among them, 6 lakhs will be getting their second doses.

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