₹500-crore plan laid to develop Hampi as a tourist destination

Tourism Minister C.P. Yogeshwar said that the State government had planned to develop the World Heritage Site of Hampi and Anjanadri at a cost of ₹500 crores. The Minister visited the Anjanadri Hill in the morning and held a meeting with department officials in Kamalapur.

The Minister also said that Hampi Master Plan was being revised to give more focus on infrastructure development to attract tourists. “The revision of the plan would be completed in two months. The plan encourages homestays as they provide homely accommodation to the tourists without harming the environment. We have to protect, develop and make use of resources we are provided with”, says Yogeshwar.

Hampi is divided between Koppal and Vijayanagar districts. Now there is only one authority. There was a demand for the creation of a separate authority from both sides and the appointment of officers, which would be discussed and finalized soon.

“There is no doubt that Anjanadri is the birthplace of Hanuma. The place where Hanuman was born. There are a number of references in the mythological texts about it. It is not correct on the part of TTD to claim that Anjanadri in Tirumala was the birthplace of Hanuman. The Tirupati temple board, however, refused to speak about it”, said Minister.

Plans are afoot to facilitate the transition around Ropeway, the two-lane road at Anjanadri mountain in the Koppal district. The ropeway will benefit the senior citizens in visiting the temple by cutting the energy to climb the hill. He said Anjanadri would be developed in partnership with the central government.

“It is impossible to build another Hampi. Arrangements will be made to provide all kinds of basic facilities in Hampi. Action is being taken to develop the Anjanadri Hill. Anjanadri is a popular tourist destination and is visited by tourists from all over the world”, said Minister Yogeshwar.

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