Statement of the Art of Painting with Man – Statement by Chancellor Dr. SC Ramesh

Hospet: nature, reflecting and man, society, the relationship between the closely dasaciramesa Photos mudibarabekagide Kannada University Vice-Chancellor said.

The Creative Coordinator of Drawing and Painting of Vishashwarala Division in Kannada Vivi and inaugurated the special lecture on Thursday. Adi humans lived in the lap of nature and realized nature and wrote companionship experiences on rock. He felt that painting is an art that accompanies man.

Talk to the Minister Dr A Subbannan Rai, every artist has a feeling. If the emotions are combined in color, a good sketch can be drawn. He said all students should know the completeness of the original drawing. Director of the workshop Chandrahasa Y. Jalihala, Lecturer of the Visitharala Division, Dr. HN Krishnegauda, ​​Head of the Department, Dr. Mohanrao B. Panchala and Nayana B. Kapoor. There were others.